by Aristophanes

American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will present Lysistrata, Aristophanes' famous comedy of gender politics, on dates from May 10 to June 9, 2002.

Cherry Jones will play the title role.  According to Maureen Dezell of the Boston
Globe, Cherry Jones is "an established luminary of the New York Theater." 
"'Lysistrata' is not the disaster it could have been, given the change in adaptor, from Larry Gelbart to [Robert] Brustein, but it is not the wondrous night of theater it should have been, given the players and the occasion ['a hail-and-farewell bash for American Repertory Theatre founder Robert Brustein']," wrote Ed Siegel in the Boston Globe of May 17, 2002.
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Bruce Weber in the New York Times of May 20, 2002, said that the ART's Lysistrata isn't much as an evening of theater.
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